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All the UK Private Jet Charter Operators

The table below lists all the companies authorised by the UK CAA to operate private jet charter flights.

Each operator is profiled in more depth on their dedicated page. There you will more find details of their fleet, together with any additional bases they may have.

Private Jet Smll Med. Lrge Principle Area of
Charter Operator Jets Jets Jets Base Operation
Air Charter Scotland  ✓  ✓ Glasgow Europe +
AirMed  ✓ Oxford Worldwide
Arena Aviation  ✓ Biggin Europe +
Aviation Beauport  ✓  ✓  ✓ Jersey Europe +
Blink  ✓ Farnborough Europe +
Bookajet  ✓  ✓ Farnborough Worldwide
Centreline Air Charter  ✓ Bristol Europe +
Concierge Aviation  ✓ Biggin Hill Worldwide
Corporate Jet Management  ✓ Farnborough Worldwide
ExecuJet UK  ✓ London City Worldwide
Executive Aviation Services  ✓  ✓ Gloucester Europe +
Executive Jet Charter  ✓  ✓ Farnborough Europe +
Finesse Executive  ✓ Oxford Worldwide
FlairJet  ✓ Oxford Europe
Fly Vectra  ✓ Oxford Europe
Gama Aviation  ✓  ✓  ✓ Farnborough Worldwide
Global Flight Solutions  ✓ Luton Europe
Hangar8  ✓  ✓ Oxford Europe +
Interflight Air Charter  ✓ Biggin Hill Europe +
London Executive Aviation  ✓  ✓  ✓ London City Europe +
Oryx Jet  ✓ Biggin Hill Europe +
Pen-Avia  ✓ Luton Europe +
SaxonAir Charter  ✓  ✓ Norwich Europe +
TAG Aviation (UK)  ✓  ✓  ✓ Farnborough Worldwide
Titan Airways  ✓  ✓ Stansted Worldwide
Triair  ✓ Farnborough Worldwide
Zenith Aviation  ✓  ✓ Biggin Hill Contact
247Jet  ✓ Southend Europe +
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Table Key

Small Jets

A small private jet will typically carry up to 4-8 passengers. You benefit from all the same VIP treatment, scheduling flexibility and time-saving that come when chartering the bigger private jets but at a price more comparable to business-class airline tickets for a full cabin.

See all the types of small private jets available for charter.

Medium Jets

Typically capable of carrying a maximum of 8-12 passengers, private jets in this mid-size class are more spacious. You benefit from more headroom, a wider cabin and enhanced cabin amenities when you charter a jet in this class.

See all the types of mid-sized private jets available for charter.

Large Jets

Large private jets provide the very highest levels of comfort for up to 19 passengers. Most are more than capable of crossing the Atlantic and the cabin seating can typically be converted by the flight attendant to provide sleeping accommodation in single or double beds.

See all the types of large private jets available for charter.

Principle Base

The airport at which the majority of the operator's staff are based. Remember though that you can charter your private jet flight from any suitable airport regardless of the where the operator is based. In fact, as operators do not like to bring their aircraft back empty following a one-way leg, the best deal for your flight might very well not come from an operator based at your departure airport but from one based further afield. By using the Quote Request form on this site, you can obtain a price for your charter that has been determined by considering availability across almost all UK and international operators.

Find the private jet airport nearest you.

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