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Beechcraft Premier 1

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Example Exterior:premier 1 luxury private jet

Example Interior:premier 1 passenger cabin

Passenger seats:6
Cabin dimensions:13' 6" (4.2m) long, 5' 5" (1.65m) tall, 5' 6' (1.68m) wide
Max range:1,500 miles / 2,400 km / 1,300 nm
Max speed:520 MPH / 840 km/h / 460 KTAS
New price (base):£3.8m / €4.3m / $5.1m
UK charter operators:

The ultra-modern Premier 1 is the first light private jet to be constructed with a composite carbon fibre and honeycomb fuselage. This gives a weight saving such that the cabin is considerably larger than other jets of the same weight. In fact, it is unique amongst light jets in having a near stand-up cabin with 5'5" of headroom, plus a cabin width of 5'5", both some eight inches greater than the others.

Cruise speed is high too. With its swept wings, the Premier 1 can cruise at some 520MPH, all but matching the fastest-in-class Learjets.

The Premier is artificially limited by certification to a maximum take-off weight that qualifies it as a "small airplane/aeroplane". As a result, the maximum range will decrease a little with each additional passenger, as the captain will have to slightly reduce fuel load to ensure that weight limit is respected.

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