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Bombardier Learjet 60 / 60XR

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Public domain image released by Adrian Pingstone. Source: Wikipedia

Passenger seats:6
Cabin dimensions:17' 8" (5.4m) long, 5' 8" (1.74m) tall, 5' 11' (1.80m) wide
Max range:3,200 miles / 5,100 km / 2,800 nm
Max speed:550 MPH / 890 km/h / 480 KTAS
New price (base):£8.0m / €9.1m / $13m
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The origins of the 1993-on Learjet 60 can be traced back, via the Learjet 55 and Learjet 25, to the seminal Learjet 23 of the 1960s. This programme of evolution rather than revolution created an aircraft that lived up to Lear's repuation for speed. It's worth bearing in mind though that the Learjet 60 cannot operate from runways as short as some, and it is unable to use London City.

The fuselage of the Learjet 60 is oval in cross-section, seating six passengers in a stand-up cabin that is 5' 8" in height. There is a refreshment centre, with a factory option of a warming oven, fold out dining tables for the four main seats and a well-appointed lavatory compartment.

The 60XR variant introduced in 2005 also boasts berthable seats, a larger galley, a more spacious lavatory and an optional in-cabin entertainment system.

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