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Hawker 700

Passenger seats:7-10
Cabin dimensions:21' 4" (6.5m) long, 5' 9" (1.75m) tall, 5' 11' (1.80m) wide
Max range:2,500 miles / 4,000 km / 2,200 nm
Max speed:480 MPH / 780 km/h / 420 KTAS
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The first Hawker 700 flew in 1976 and was a descendant of the Hawker-Siddeley 125. The 125-700 is a tried-and-tested aircraft and six remain in regular use by the RAF Royal Flight, carrying the Royal Family, Government ministers and senior military officers.

The earlier model is not short of lineage either; the Hawker Siddeley company had been responsible for the Battle of Britain's Hurricane and the Harrier "jump-jet" before going on to produce the Red Arrows display team's current Hawk T1.

The Hawker's stand up cabin typically offers eight seats in spacious executive configuration although you you may find some higher seat-density examples. Some are equipped with a hot galley and carry a flight attendant to prepare and serve hot meals whilst on others cold, light catering is available.

The 700 was still selling well when it was replaced by the Hawker 800 in 1983. There is little difference between them from a cabin perspective and both variants remain popular with passengers due to the high levels of comfort afforded.

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