UK Private Jet Charter: Aircraft Details

Raytheon Hawker 1000

Passenger seats:8-12
Cabin dimensions:25' (7.6m) long, 5' 9" (1.75m) tall, 6' (1.83m) wide
Max range:3,500 miles / 5,600 km / 3,000 nm
Max speed:520 MPH / 840 km/h / 450 KTAS
UK charter operators:

The Hawker 1000 née British Aerospace 125-1000 is a stretched derivative of the Hawker 800, with some three feet of additional cabin length.

The new, larger aircraft was certified to carry 15 passengers in a high density commuter role, but a typically spacious, executive layout would have seating for eight passengers.

As well os the extra space, the Hawker 1000 was also given uprated engines and additional fuel capacity over the 800, resulting in greater range and a slightly higher cruising speed.

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