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Bombardier Global Express

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Passenger seats:12-15
Cabin dimensions:48' 4" (14.7m) long, 6' 3" (1.91m) tall, 8' 2" (2.49m) wide
Max range:7,100 miles / 11,400 km / 6,200 nm
Max speed:590 MPH / 950 km/h / 510 KTAS
New price (base):£30m / €34m / $48m
UK charter operators:

The Global Express is a fast, spacious, ultra-long range aircraft that can fly non-stop from London to anywhere in the United States, China or South Africa. Manufacturer Bombardier's proud claim is that it can travel between any two points in the world with no more than a single fuel stop at most.

A typical interior would feature 12-15 seats, a conference / lounge / dining area, a stateroom with a fold out bed, en-suite toilet and wardrobe. Bombardier even offer a shower as an option. Forward of the passenger cabin is the galley, crew rest seat and crew toilet, the separation from the main cabin allowing the passengers to rest undisturbed by the flight crew's activity. The crew rest is used by the flight attendant when not attending to the passengers or by the resting pilot when operating with a heavy crew flying in rotation.

The Global Express XRS can fly higher and faster than the airliners. At its maximum height of 51,000 feet it all but has the skies to itself yet the cabin pressure equates to a height of only 4,000 feet, compared to 8,000 feet on an airliner. Plus, in the Global Express, the cabin air is entirely refreshed every two minutes.

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