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Cessna Citation V

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Passenger seats:7
Cabin dimensions:17' 8" (5.4m) long, 4' 8" (1.45m) tall, 4' 9" (1.47m) wide
Max range:2,200 miles / 3,600 km / 1,900 nm
Max speed:490 MPH / 790 km/h / 430 KTAS
New price (base):Superseded by Citation Ultra
UK charter operators:

Just as the Citation II had been designed by stretching the Citation I in 1977, the Citation V was designed by stretching the Citation II in 1988. The difference is that this time Cessna chose to increase legroom per passenger rather than the number of seats.

More powerful engines were fitted and the larger wings allowed larger fuel tanks giving increased range.

The Citation V was replaced by the identically sized Citation Ultra in 1994 but is still worth choosing over the Citation II, especially if you intend filling all the seats on a long journey

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