UK Private Jet Charter: Aircraft Details

Cessna Citation II

Passenger seats:7
Cabin dimensions:16' (4.9m) long, 4' 8" (1.42m) tall, 4' 9" (1.45m) wide
Max range:1,750 miles / 2,800 km / 1,500 nm
Max speed:420 MPH / 675 km/h / 365 KTAS
New price (base):Superseded by Citation Bravo
UK charter operators:

The Citation II is one of the most successful light private jets, with Cessna delivering 603 units during a production run that spanned 1977 to 1994.

It was developed by stretching the original Citation I, with the new 4'5" longer cabin providing seating for an additional two passengers plus an occasional eighth seat which doubles as an chemical lavatory.

More powerful engines and larger fuel tanks were fitted, resulting in useful increases in both speed and range. Otherwise the aircraft remained technically very similar to the Citation I.

The 1994 Citation II replacement, the Citation Bravo, used the same airframe but featured improvements to systems, cockpit instrumentation, passenger seating design, engine performance, speed and range. However the II remains a competent, solid aircraft offering 7 passenger capability at VLJ charter prices.

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