UK Private Jet Charter: Aircraft Details

Cessna Citation I

Passenger seats:4-5
Cabin dimensions:12' 7" (3.8m) long, 4' 8" (1.42m) tall, 4' 9" (1.45m) wide
Max range:1,500 miles / 2,500 km / 1,300 nm
Max speed:410 MPH / 660 km/h / 360 KTAS
New price (base):Superseded by Citation II
UK charter operators:

    The Cessna Citation I is considered to be the aeroplane that first enabled affordable private jet travel. Before its introduction, potential passengers had to choose between noisy, slow piston-engined aircraft, propeller driven turbo prop aircraft or larger and much more costly to operate private jets.

    The Citation I wasn't radically fast for a jet, but compared to the alternatives at the time it offered quiet, safe, comfortable personal transportation. It scored over the turbo-props by being able to fly higher, above the weather, yet it needed far less runway than the established bigger jets. The contemporary Learjet 25 used a far louder, less efficient first-generation jet engine type and, though it was undeniably faster, was also both significantly more expensive to operate and also unable to use the shorter runways that the Citation could.

    The Citation I can seat a maximum of six passengers, four in a club configuration, and another two on a sideways facing bench opposite the door. Four passengers though would be a more comfortable load.

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