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Cessna Citation CJ3

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Passenger seats:6-7
Cabin dimensions:15' 8" (4.8m) long, 4' 9" (1.45m) tall, 4' 10" (1.47m) wide
Max range:2,200 miles / 3,500 km / 1,900 nm
Max speed:480 MPH / 770 km/h / 420 KTAS
New price (base):£4.1m / €4.7m / $6.7m
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The Cessna Citation CJ3 was launched in 2003 and is a stretched version of the Citation CJ2.

Unlike when Cessna created the CJ2 by stretching the Citation CJ1, they chose not to further increase the seating capacity on the CJ3.

The CJ3 seats the same 6 passengers as the CJ2 but, as a result of the longer cabin, available legroom per seat has increased. The extra space is most noticeable when travelling with all seats occupied.

The CJ3 shares the same advanced instrumentation and engine control as the CJ1+ and CJ2+ "plus" versions of the shorter models.

Although from the passenger cabin the CJ3 seems very similar to Cessna's own Citation Bravo, its 20% lower running costs and useful increase in performance led to the Bravo's retirement from Cessna's range in 2006.

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