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Cessna CitationJet, CJ1 and CJ1+

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Passenger seats:4-5
Cabin dimensions:11' (3.4m) long, 4' 9" (1.45m) tall, 4' 10" (1.47m) wide
Max range:1,500 miles / 2,400 km / 1,300 nm
Max speed:450 MPH / 720 km/h / 390 KTAS
New price (base):£2.7m / €3.0m / $4.3m
UK charter operators:

The original "CitationJet" (or "CJ") was announced in 1989 and intended to replace the Citation I as the smallest in Cessna's "Citation" private jet range. It was 11 inches shorter than the Citation I, but the use of a lower floor for the centre aisle gave an extra inch of cabin height.

The CJ can accommodate four passengers, or five on aircraft fitted with the optional sideways facing seat opposite the door.

The CJ1 was an updated variant announced in 1998. It shares the same fuselage but with updates to cockpit instrumentation

The latest version is the CJ1+ announced in 2004. Again sharing the same airframe, but with improved engine performance as well as further updates to the instrumentation. Cruise speed on the CJ1+ "plus" model is up to 20 knots (23MPH/37kmh) faster than the original CJ1.

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