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Typic. Cabin Cabin Cabin Max Max Base
Max Length Height Width Range Speed Price
Seats (ft in) (ft in) (ft in) (nm) (ktas) (USD)
Small Private Jets
Citation Mustang49' 9"4' 6"4' 7"1200nm340 ktas$2.5m
Citation CJ1 /CJ1+4-511'4' 9"4' 10"1300nm390 ktas$4.3m
Phenom 100411'4' 9"5' 1"1200nm390 ktas$3.5m
Citation I4-512' 7"4' 8"4' 9"1300nm360 ktas-
Citation CJ2 /CJ2+613' 7"4' 9"4' 10"1600nm420 ktas$5.8m
Premier 1613' 6"5' 5"5' 6"1300nm460 ktas$6.1m
Hawker 400XP715' 6"4' 9"4 11"1500nm460 ktas$7.4m
Citation CJ36-715' 8"4' 9"4' 10"1900nm420 ktas$6.7m
Citation II6-716'4' 8"4' 9"1500nm370 ktas-
Citation Bravo716'4' 8"4' 9"1700nm400 ktas$6.2m
Learjet 40 /40XR717' 7"4' 9"5' 1"1800nm470 ktas$8.8m
Citation CJ4817' 4"4' 9"4' 10"2000nm450 ktas$8.8m
Citation V717' 8"4' 8"4' 9"1900nm430 ktas-
Phenom 300817' 2"4' 11"5' 1"2100nm450 ktas$8.5m
Learjet 45 /45XR819' 8"4' 9"5' 1"2100nm470 ktas$11m
Mid-Size Private Jets
Learjet 60 /60XR617' 8"5' 8"5' 11"2500nm470 ktas$13m
Citation Excel7-918' 6"5' 8"5' 6"2100nm430 ktas-
Citation XLS7-918' 6"5' 8"5' 6"1900nm430 ktas$11m
Hawker 7008-921' 4"5' 9"5' 11"2200nm420 ktas-
Hawker 8008-1021' 4"5' 9"6'2500nm440 ktas-
Hawker 850XP8-1021' 4"5' 9"6'2600nm450 ktas$14m
Citation X8-1023' 11"5' 7"5' 6"3100nm530 ktas$20m
Hawker 10008-1225"5' 9"6'3000nm450 ktas-
Citation Sovereign8-1025' 3"5' 8"5' 6"2600nm460 ktas$16m
Hawker 40008-1225"6' 0"6' 6"3300nm480 ktas$22m
Large Private Jets
Falcon 2000EX8-1026' 2"6' 2"7' 8"3800nm480 ktas$27m
Challenger 6019-1228' 4"6' 2"7' 4"3600nm480 ktas-
Challenger 6049-1228' 4"6' 2"7' 4"4000nm480 ktas-
Challenger 6059-1228' 4"6' 2"7' 4"4000nm470 ktas$27m
Challenger 3008-928' 7"6' 1"7' 2"3100nm470 ktas$19m
Falcon 900EX12-1533' 2"6' 2"7' 8"4500nm470 ktas$36m
Falcon 7X12-1539' 1"6' 2"7' 8"5900nm515 ktas$41m
Legacy 60012-1542' 6"6'6' 11"3300nm460 ktas$24m
Gulfstream IV12-1545' 1"6' 2"7' 4"4200nm460 ktas-
Gulfstream 45012-1545' 1"6' 2"7' 4"4400nm460 ktas$34m
Global Express12-1548' 4"6' 3"8' 2"6200nm510 ktas$48m
Challenger 85012-1548' 5"6' 1"8' 2"3000nm460 ktas£32m
Gulfstream 55012-1550' 1"6' 2"7' 4"6800nm500 ktas$47m

Aviation Units Table Key

Typical Maximum Seats

The actual number of seats can vary between different aircraft of the same type. Almost all private jets have seats that track backwards and forwards (and most also inwards and outwards), and passengers wanting to make the most of the available legroom would benefit from selecting an aircraft with more seats than required.

Cabin Length

Expressed in feet and inches. If you intend filling all the seats, an idea of the resulting occupancy density can be had by comparing the number of seats to the cabin length. Remember that if seats are unoccupied you can usually move them fore or aft to increase legroom.

For cabin lengths in metres, click the aircraft name or see the Metric units table.

Cabin Height

Expressed in feet and inches. The smaller, more efficient jets are ideal for short European trips but the larger, longer range aircraft have more headroom enabling you to more easily stand up and stretch your legs.

For cabin heights in metres, click the aircraft name or see the Metric units table.

Cabin Width

Expressed in feet and inches. A wider cabin allows even wider seats and also a wider aisle, giving greater ease of movement in the cruise.

For cabin widths in metres, click the aircraft name or see the Metric units table.

Max Range

The approximate maximum range of the aircraft, including landing with a safe reserve of fuel, expressed in nautical miles. It's worth keeping in mind that the actual maximum range will depend on the winds and the number of passengers. Your operator will be able to advise if a particular aircraft type would be suitable for your destination.

For ranges expressed in other units, click the aircraft name or see the Metric units table for kilometres or the Aviation units table for statute miles.

Max Speed

The approximate maximum cruising speed expressed in knots true airspeed. The actual speed over the ground will depend on the direction of the high level wind and its strength.

For speeds expressed in other units, click the aircraft name or see the Metric units table for kilometres an hour or the Imperial units table for miles per hour.

Base Price

The manufacturer's base price converted into Pounds Sterling.

For list prices in other currencies click the aircraft name, or see the Metric units table for Euro or the Aviation units table for US Dollars.

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