Advantages of Private Charter


The flight goes from where you are, to where you want to be, at the time you want to go. You can schedule a day of meetings in multiple European cities and still be back home for dinner. And if a meeting should overrun, the flight waits for you. You do business to your timetable, not the airlines'.

To do the same round of meetings by scheduled airline would mean squeezing your meetings around their schedules, limiting your site visits to those within easy reach of major airports or else, most likely, necessitate an overnight stop and a second day on the road. How much is your time worth?


Confidential subject matter can be discussed enroute without the risk of being overheard. The private jet cabin becomes your board room. Journey time becomes productive time.

And with the UK's appetite for all things celebrity showing no signs of abating, travel by public transport can be a real ordeal for those in the public eye. The use of small, separate terminals for private flights affords passengers the ability to travel with the minimum of interference.


No long hike from the car park. No queuing for check-in. No queuing for security. No waiting at the boarding gate. No waiting for 175 other passengers to board. No inedible food. No traipsing through endless corridors after landing. No queuing for immigration at the end of a long day. No lost luggage. No stress.

With a private charter you can be driven straight to the aircraft steps. If you have bags that require screening then that can be taken care of for you. Your favourite food can be available in-flight by prior request and you will be met at the aircraft steps on landing. You could be on your way within minutes of touching down.

UK Private Jet Charter